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In certain cases and during a natural childbirth procedure, perineotomy or episiotomy may take place – an incision in the perineum area by a surgeon obstetrician, allowing the infant to be properly moved and brought to life. This procedure may destroy or alter a significant portion of tissues in the perineum area, often resulting to problems related to the natural function of the area. A typical side effect may be the gradual relaxation of the perineum muscles, with an increase in vaginal diameter and even urine incontinence occurring shortly after in some cases. Furthermore, the skin present in the vaginal area may lose its firmness, and the region may become extraordinarily "flexible", to a degree where sexual intercourse is no longer at the same level as it used to be.


The medically safe and scientific solution is simple and acts instantly: Cosmetic reconstruction of the perineum area, also known as Perineoplasty, aims to restore the malformed tissues of the region. A straightforward procedure, it can successfully tighten the area, remove excess, relaxed or folded skin, and strengthen the perineum area, thus enhancing sexual gratification as well as day-to-day operation.




  • How the procedure of Perineoplasty is exactly performed?

    Perineoplasty is performed using special Laser equipment, which is scientifically used in order to remove specific amounts of excess tissue present in the area, as well as rejuvenate and restore tissue which remains in the area. Following this procedure, tissues are converged using very thin and invisible stitches which are absorbable by the human body within a short time period. In all our Clinics, Perineoplasty procedure is carried out only by Dr. Bader himself.

  • What kind of anaesthesia is required for the procedure?

    Perineoplasty usually takes place under local anaesthesia. This method has the added advantage of not requiring the patient's prolonged stay in the clinic, and complete recovery is generally accelerated. Other anaesthetic methods such as spinal anaesthesia or sedation can be utilised upon the patient's request.

  • How much is the duration of the procedure?

    The procedure is completed in about 60 minutes, and the patient is usually free to leave the clinic within a few hours following the operation.

  • What is the recovery period post-operation and should I take special precautions?

    Recovery time following perineoplasty is usually 4 to 5 weeks. The patient ought to take some precautions related mainly to intense physical exercise and the timing of the first sexual intercourse. Post-operational period may include a limited degree of pain, which is successfully dealt with using simple painkillers.

  • When will results from the procedure be visible?

    Results from perineoplasty are immediately visible to a large degree. Permanent results, however, are completely visible within 3 months from the procedure. More specifically, in the 3 month period after the operation full recovery and restoration of the area is gradually taking place, and the final aesthetic results are visible, with a notable change to the better in the appearance of the area taking place. From that point onwards, results are permanent.

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